Comments from Audiences 


"Women business owners from Afghanistan and Rwanda know a thing or two about clawing triumph out of tragedy, learning to forgive and reconcile. Tara Storch's story on 'How to Outlive Yourself' resonated with all the women business owners in attendance at the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women's PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program as she described how our reactions during defining moments make the difference in how we move forward. Thank you Tara!" 

Karel F. - CMP Director of Operations Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women - PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®


“Tara joined us in NYC during Reimagine week – a city-wide exploration of death and celebration of life through creativity and conversation. She helped us wonder aloud how we might want to “outlive ourselves”. Hearing the story of her family and bringing Taylor’s Gift to life was truly moving. We shared many copies of her book and hosted conversations to shatter myths and break down barriers surrounding organ donation. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the students at the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula. You are opening hearts, one at a time.”

Sarah N., MD, Director of Pediatric Palliative Care at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore


"The message Tara left behind, "Outlive Yourself", makes things clearer as we set our focus on tomorrow. Her inspirational message resonated throughout the entire audience at Dropbox"

Andre A. - Enterprise Sales Manager, Dropbox


"Tara recently spoke at our ‘Top 100’ leadership summit.  One of the main goals of the summit was to educate our employees about the significant impact their work has on real people.  The audience included employees from every discipline…HR, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, R&D, Service and more.  Not only did she effectively get this message across in a very powerful and engaging manner, but she also added an element of motivation with positive messages about making a difference every day.  Her message made a resounding impact. Thanks again Tara, and we look forward to further engagements with you!"

Keith C. - Chief Marketing Officer and VP International Commercial Operations at Immucor, Inc.


Tara, has been a big part of our community here in Coppell Texas, and when she came to speak at our Chamber Monthly Luncheon, we were honored.  I had heard about Taylor's Gift and knew of the story, but I had never heard it delivered first hand from Tara.  Tara delivered a very impacting speech about how to "Outlive Yourself". It's about making a difference in the lives of others.

Christine Douglass, Chief Executive Officer, Coppell Chamber of Commerce


"Tara and Taylor's Gift epitomize the idea of turning an incredible tragedy into a positive for so many.  I find that actions often speak louder than words, and besides the fact there was not a dry eye in the room, the line for ladies to purchase "Taylor's Gift" being out the door shows just how many were inspired by Tara.  Thank you again for a wonderful presentation and evening!"

Cassie M. -  President, Junior League of Bryan/ College Station


"Southwest Transplant Alliance had the opportunity to have Tara Storch, co-Founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, speak at our Life Champion Conference. Hearing her tragedy to triumph story is one that every human should hear. The “Outlive Yourself” message is thought-provoking, especially in a world full of so much negativity. Tara shared: “Pay attention to your pain points, passions, and to those around you.” These three calls to action will help us all ‘Outlive Ourselves.’ Thank you Tara for making such an impact on our organization, our hospital partners and the other entities we collaborate with! "

Toni P. - Manager Family Services, Southwest Transplant Alliance


"I have never had a room of over 1000 of our members sit in dead silence...Powerful, impactful, moving, inspirational...Tara touched our members in a profound way as she spoke of her story, organ donation and how we as sorority women can make a difference, strive for greatness, and outlive ourselves."

Marnie C. - District President, Zeta Tau Alpha


“Inspired, motivated and eager to learn more, several audience members became donors after the presentation and we received several inquiries for more information." 

Mischell E. - American National Bank of Texas 


"The Delta Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta had the privilege of hearing firsthand how Mrs.Storch found purpose and passion in the midst of heartbreaking tragedy. Today, that purpose and passion has impacted countless lives across the nation. As a chapter, Mrs. Storch’s story challenged us to consider how we, as college students, can outlive ourselves everyday and how we can positively impact the people around us. We were all moved and very inspired!"

Audrey A. - President, Texas A&M University, Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter










Recently Tara spoke at The Women’s Alliance – International Women’s Conference and had a wonderful message for everyone. The Alliance also selected Taylor’s Gift as our focused charity for the silent auction.  The words "Outlive Yourself" are so powerful. Overcoming adversity and finding inspiration to do more is a message that resonated with everyone attending. Tara’s presentation inspired and motivated all there to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Annalisa M. - Xerox Vice President, Field & Sales Operations, US Solutions Providers, Channel Partner Operation


“Tara was recently the keynote speaker at our annual customer event.  Attendees included medical professions whose work is often performed behind the scenes.  Tara’s message to attendees was rare contact with a patient’s family.  Feedback from attendees notes that her message was a reminder why they work tirelessly day in and day out. While her story is tragic and emotional, Tara’s presentation style leaves attendees inspired and motivated.”

Tricia S. - Global Education and Technical Marketing Program Manager, Immucor, Inc.


 “Tara recently spoke at Texas A&M’s Gilbert Leadership Conference, and her message to “Outlive Yourself” brilliantly captured the core purpose behind the conference. Her incredible message touched each and every one of the delegates in attendance. Her story of making good from tragedy is truly an inspiration.”

Caleb S., Programs Coordinator for The Gilbert Leadership Conference 


“Tara, your presentation at our Institute’s Gathering of Friends luncheon was absolutely the best we have ever had.  You won our hearts with your message which could not have been better. You made our luncheon so very special and memorable.” 

John G. - MD, DMin, President and CEO, Institute for Spirituality and Health


"The Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons had the pleasure of hearing Tara's story of "Outliving Yourself." Her journey of finding inspiration through heartache is truly unbelievable-- a story of love, unimaginable loss, inward soul searching and ultimate triumph. She presented a thought-provoking discussion on how we can use our personal stories to make a difference in the world. You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly you will walk away motivated to make positive changes in your own life. Thank you, Tara, for sharing your story with Dallas."

David Martin MD - President, Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons


"It was a privilege to have Tara share her story at Kappa Alpha Theta’s National Convention. The more than 800 women in attendance were hanging on her every word. They left inspired by her story of turning heartbreak into something that is changing the lives of thousands of people across the county . Her story is relevant, challenging, inspirational and one that should be heard by everyone.”

Julianne B. - Chief Marketing Officer, Kappa Alpha Theta Headquarters


"It was a privilege to have Tara Storch recently speak at our Transplant by the Bay conference.  For the transplant community, The Storch family reminds us of why we do we the work we do.  Through this powerful message, Taylor’s love, life, and legacy continues to inspire, transform, and save lives."

Natalie S. - Tampa General Hospital


“Tara’s inspirational talk was very captivating! Every mom was touched by the “Outlive Yourself” message and walked away inspired to make a difference. We are motivated by Tara’s passion for others and so proud to support Taylor’s Gift as one of our beloved philanthropies."

 Amy K. - President, National Charity League, Coppell Chapter


"Tara's story is so powerful goes to show the strength of the human spirit and that one has the power to take a tragic incident and turn it into a blessing for others."

Becky K. - National Charity League, North Dallas


“The presentation exceeded my expectations. The audience was inspired and motivated to both continue caring for our dialysis patients, as well as encourage personal and professional acquaintances to enroll as organ donors and talk about organ donation with their friends and family.”

Christina D. - Director of Operations, Fresenius Medical


Tara spoke to our group of young men and their moms, holding all in rapt attention as she spoke. Hers is a story of navigating a journey of unspeakable tragedy,  finding hope and learning how to leave a legacy.

Tara is a gifted public speaker who built bridges between moms and sons by providing concrete guidance for how to handle tough times as well as how to make a difference in the lives of others.  In our often self-absorbed world, Tara shines a light on benefiting the greater good and finding purpose in doing so.  We were all blessed to learn from her!

Laurie Layne, Young Men's Service League, President, Round Rock